5 Stage Washer

HPC Conveyer 2 is a modern 5 stage wash system featuring:

  • Alkaline Cleaner Bath (Henkle)
  • Fresh water rinse
  • Phosphate Bath (Henkle)
  • Fresh water rinse
  • Seal Rinse (if required) (Henkle)

Dry-Off Oven

After our Wash system cleans the parts our Dry off oven completely dries the part so it is ready for powder application.

Environmental Room

30’ x 60’ environmental room for powder storage and application of powder to parts. This room has a 7.5 ton, Train AC/Humidity control unit. This allows us to control the temperature of our powder at 70 degrees year round, resulting in less waste.

Spray Booth

Our Stainless steel Deimco spray booth features state of the art technology Gema Opti Flex 2 powder application guns. These guns are fully equipped with the capabilities of monthly software updates supplied by Gema.

Cure Oven

The 70' Bake oven is fired by Maxon Burners.

Oxide Scale Remover

HPC has a Stainless Steel 2-Stage Oxide Scale Removal System.

  • Parts are submerged into a Chemical Stripping Agent bath for 5 minutes.
  • Parts are then submerged into a Rust Inhibitor / RO Rinse bath for 5 minutes.

Burn Off Oven

HPC has the largest Burn Off oven in the surrounding area, with a part size capability of 120” x 120” x 120”.

Person 1

Our 3 loading docks allow for quick and efficient access to trailers for loading and unloading. This is also where we do most of our post-coating packaging.

Person 2

HPC will tape, plug, and inspect all parts before we hang them onto our line.

Person 3

Taking off finished parts is where we inspect every part before packaging.

Person 4

HPC has over 12,000 square feet of floor space to accommodate our customers needs.

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Our Facility

  • 10,000 Square Feet of Floor Space
  • 2 Conveyors
  • Batch Oven
  • Thermal Stripping
  • Sandblasting
  • Oxide Scale Removal